Salem, Essex, Massachusetts



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Martha  1641Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1376 Strong History 
2 Barton, Ebenezer  Abt 1682Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1785 McPherson History 
3 Barton, Matthew  Abt 1640Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1783 McPherson History 
4 Barton, Samuel  9 Jun 1664Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I21 Strong History 
5 Barton, Samuel  8 Oct 1691Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1455 Strong History 
6 Barton, William  Abt 1638Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1447 Strong History 
7 Bridges, Caleb  3 Jun 1677Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1685 Strong History 
8 Bridges, Hannah  1669Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I22 Strong History 
9 Elizabeth  1660Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1728 Strong History 
10 Flint, Abigail  27 Jun 1668Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1742 Strong History 
11 Flint, Ann  25 Dec 1657Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1758 Strong History 
12 Flint, Anna  25 Dec 1657Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1732 Strong History 
13 Flint, Elizabeth  30 Apr 1650Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1755 Strong History 
14 Flint, Elizabeth  10 Jul 1703Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1715 Strong History 
15 Flint, George  6 Jan 1652Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1756 Strong History 
16 Flint, George  1672Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1753 Strong History 
17 Flint, Hannah  4 Apr 1685Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1725 Strong History 
18 Flint, John  3 Oct 1655Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1757 Strong History 
19 Flint, John  3 Dec 1655Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1724 Strong History 
20 Flint, John  8 Feb 1681Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1726 Strong History 
21 Flint, Joseph  Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1759 Strong History 
22 Flint, Joseph  1662Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1733 Strong History 
23 Flint, Joseph  25 Feb 1693Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1722 Strong History 
24 Flint, Joshua  28 Oct 1689Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1723 Strong History 
25 Flint, Lydia  20 Jul 1696Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1717 Strong History 
26 Flint, Samuel  12 Oct 1679Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1727 Strong History 
27 Flint, Sarah  18 Aug 1700Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1716 Strong History 
28 Flint, Stephen  29 Dec 1687Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1349 Strong History 
29 Flint, Thomas  Abt 1644Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1731 Strong History 
30 Hill, Abigail  16 Nov 1651Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1597 Strong History 
31 Holton, Hannah  13 Jul 1695Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1350 Strong History 
32 Holton, Henry  24 May 1663Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1744 Strong History 
33 Holton, James  22 Jan 1689Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1736 Strong History 
34 Holton, Timothy  15 May 1693Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1735 Strong History 
35 Houlten, Ebenezer  11 Apr 1699Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1741 Strong History 
36 Houlton, Abigail  22 Jun 1708Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1738 Strong History 
37 Houlton, Benjamin  14 Dec 1657Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1746 Strong History 
38 Houlton, Elizabeth  1660Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1747 Strong History 
39 Houlton, Elizabeth  1 Sep 1712Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1734 Strong History 
40 Houlton, James  1665Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1748 Strong History 
41 Houlton, John  1667Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1749 Strong History 
42 Houlton, Joseph  1652Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1745 Strong History 
43 Houlton, Samuel  6 Apr 1703Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1740 Strong History 
44 Houlton, Sarah  1669Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1764 Strong History 
45 Houlton, Sarah  4 Mar 1689Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1750 Strong History 
46 Ingersoll, Bathsheba  1 Jul 1629Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1770 Strong History 
47 Ingersoll, Nathaniel  1632Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1773 Strong History 
48 Kellogg, Experience  18 Apr 1811Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I2946 McPherson History 
49 Moulton, Abigail  25 Dec 1642Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1761 Strong History 
50 Moulton, Hannah  Abt 1646Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1751 Strong History 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Martha  1680Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1376 Strong History 
2 Barton, Mathew  Abt 1729Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1377 Strong History 
3 Barton, Matthew  1729Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1783 McPherson History 
4 Bridges, Edmund Jr.  24 Jun 1682Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1451 Strong History 
5 Elizabeth  1729Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1728 Strong History 
6 Flint, Abigail  28 Feb 1758Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1742 Strong History 
7 Flint, George  11 Jul 1757Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1753 Strong History 
8 Flint, John  Apr 1730Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1724 Strong History 
9 Flint, Joseph  1694Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1722 Strong History 
10 Flint, Thomas  15 Apr 1663Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1729 Strong History 
11 Flint, Thomas  24 May 1721Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1731 Strong History 
12 Goode, Abigail  27 Mar 1666Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1777 Strong History 
13 Haynes, Sarah  1 Nov 1676Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1768 Strong History 
14 Haynes, William  1644Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1772 Strong History 
15 Haynes, William  1651Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1748 McPherson History 
16 Holton, Henry  1747Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1744 Strong History 
17 Houlton, Elizabeth  1715Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1747 Strong History 
18 Houlton, James  1729Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1748 Strong History 
19 Houlton, Joseph  30 May 1705Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1743 Strong History 
20 Ingersoll, Alice  1643Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1774 Strong History 
21 Ingersoll, George  22 Jun 1694Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1776 Strong History 
22 Ingersoll, John  3 Sep 1684Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1775 Strong History 
23 Ingersoll, Richard  21 Jul 1644Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1766 Strong History 
24 Langley, Agnes Ann  30 Jul 1677Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1765 Strong History 
25 Moulton, Hannah  20 Mar 1673Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1751 Strong History 
26 Moulton, Robert  20 Feb 1665Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1779 Strong History 
27 Moulton, Robert  Jan 1730Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1778 Strong History 
28 Shattuck, Samuel William  6 Jun 1698Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I2327 Strong History 
29 Tapley, Elizabeth  1708Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1446 Strong History 
30 Towne, Mary  22 Sep 1692Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1470 Strong History 
31 Wheeler, Oliver  31 Jul 1804Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1654 McPherson History 
32 Wheeler, Samuel  4 May 1781Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1641 McPherson History 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barton, Edward  Abt 1639Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1782 McPherson History 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 Towne, Joseph  3 Sep 1648Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1471 Strong History 
2 Towne, Sarah  3 Sep 1648Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1452 Strong History 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Flint, Thomas  Abt 1645Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1731 Strong History 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Civil    Person ID   Tree 
1 Flint, John  Apr 1690Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I1724 Strong History 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Barton /   1662Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F335 Strong History 
2 Barton / Flint  9 Apr 1739Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F11 Strong History 
3 Barton / Tapley  20 Dec 1694Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F355 Strong History 
4 Cloyes / Towne  1682Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F410 Strong History 
5 Flint / Holton  6 Nov 1714Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F316 Strong History 
6 Flint / Moulton  22 May 1666Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F419 Strong History 
7 Holton / Flint  4 Mar 1689Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F418 Strong History